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These images are very large.
14,440 x 10,000 pixels, or close to 150 x 100 inches.

If you have a low power computer lacking in memory,
chances are you wont be able to open these files.

All damage suffered by your computer in trying to process
this imagery is entirely your own problem.

flooded.200m.PRINTING.jpg is a full resolution jpeg, 18 Megs
for printing on large scale printers

flooded.200m.jpg is an optimised (70%) version of the above

It may be better to save these to local drive rather than trying
to open them from the server.

Files have been succesfully viewed on an athlon 2800 / 1Gb RAM

If you are not keen to watch your computer seize up, refer to
7000x4693_pixels  folder
for scaled down versions of the above maps