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BulletinBoard aims to provide a forum for Humanitarian Support Personnel to be able to globally specify their needs and requirements in real time, and where people or organizations with resources at hand can interact with them. has no overarching political or religious mandate, but exists to provide a rapid
access portal for people to help people, and aims to function with a core emphasis on humanitarian support values: all victims deserve our help and support in every way possible irrespective of race, color, creed, religion, political belief or other culturally divisive definitions.

As such, please refrain from inflammatory comments, flamings, or unneccessary postings of
limited informational value. Any such postings will be removed. The bulletin board is divided into two main areas, namely:

relief workers, recognised organizations can post for goods and services required for on the ground support and immediate use.


Orgs, corporations, governments and private individuals with resources available are welcome to post such availability here for relief workers.

Charitable Donations

In the US, tax deductibe donations can be arranged through : the Institute for Interventional Informatics if a direct donation connection cannot be established with the
support workers / organizations.
Charities in the US or globally who wish to be listed here should contact us here.


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