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Provide information about the current status of water, power, fuel, food 
and security in the cities

VRML plugin for web browser (click if you dont have one)

Instructions: (see below) 

CURRENT STATE OF IRAQI CITIES - 2003 please allow appropriate time for texture map (700kb) to download
If/once you have a vrml viewer installed on your system (cortona), you can simply click on the hyperlink to the 2003.mmdd.wrl filename of your choice in the files folder. The texture map has been pared down to only show Iraq, thus bringing down file size from 1.7Mb to 707Kb. This allows moderately rapid download of the texture for the embedded plugin (seen above) FOR SLOW CONNECTIONS: If you plan on looking at these often, you may wish to download the files to your local computer. In this case, make sure to store all the files in the same directory. You will then have much faster drawing times. The wrml configuration files are about 70K in size, so these can be easily transmitted/downloaded once you have the map texture. The image texture map 'iraq-map.jpg' can be downloaded, or the map showing the surrounding countries 'FULL-iraq-map.jpg' can be used. Make sure to rename this file to 'iraq-map.jpg'. These map files can be found in the files folder. NAVIGATION Use the arrow keys to effect movement. Depending on the combination of [walk:fly:study] and [plan:pan:turn:roll] the arrow keys have appropriate effects Practice is good, as intuition is not served by cortona so far Right click on the cortona window. This will bring up the options popup dialog. > Viewpoints : allows you to rapidly change viewpoint > Speed : increase the speed of movement to fastest > Fullscreen : can look good