Cyberarium Knowledge Fountain

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Project Description:

Developing Knowledge Fusion Tools for socially appropriate applications

Introduction - Knowledge Fountain is an opportunity:

  To demonstrate socially responsible applications of communication technology

  To provide a social exchange at which multiple communities can explore unconventional applications of advanced technological concepts

  To identify key areas where information technologies can be effectively applied to improve quality of life

  To encourage young minds to explore science and think about how to make the world a better place

Where will you take it? Express yourself gracefully with the Knowledge Fountain:
The Knowledge Fountain is a portable interface station designed to encourage exploration of the relationship between human and computer. This is an interface kit, ideal for demonstrations, schools, and conferences.


The design is the innovation. The lightweight table with built in computers, displays, and interface systems is ready to go, just plug in power and optional networking. The collapsible frame allows for easy transport.

The interface is the innovation. Hit it, twist it, tie it, roll it, click it, you decide, it listens.

The Knowledge Fountain allows users to perceive information flow from the point of collection to the point of deposition into understanding minds. It engages children with challenges, consumers with comprehension, and researchers with reason. Clean presentations quickly fertilize minds for understanding, imagination, and innovation.


Playing well with others, the Knowledge Fusion Tools are multi-disciplinary toolsets that connect to communication systems and existing off-the-shelf components. As modular, swappable, interchangeable, wearable interfaces, knowledge fusion tools allow the collection and dissemination of critical data, and multi-sensory information to be both creative and accurate. Whether in a classroom, refugee camp, science museum, rehab lab, or at a disaster site, knowledge fusion tools enable users to dynamically interact with critical information. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds will be captivated by the inherent art of understanding the knowledge that is hidden amid raw data. Knowledge Fusion Tools will be the toys of choice...


Dave Warner, MD, PhD
Director of Medical Intelligence
MindTel, LLC

Matt Carbone, CRNR
Ideations, LLC

A project of the Center for Really Neat Research:


Construction of the first knowledge fountain

Demonstration to Anthrotronix


Knowledge Fusion Tools

School Kids playing with Knowledge Fountain